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Curious Advantage Learning Programs

The Curious Advantage Learning Program. Graphic of Curious Advantage Compass Icon.
The Curious Advantage Learning Program. Graphic of Curious Advantage Compass Icon.

Discover the greatest driver of value in the digital age

In a 2021 survey conducted by Harvard Business School, 48% of respondents identified curiosity as the key leadership trait most critical to digital transformation.

Nurturing a culture of curiosity is key to driving value in the digital age, which is why we’ve developed a suite of courses for unleashing curiosity and unlocking the potential of a digital organization.

Learn from the authors of The Curious Advantage

The bestselling authors of The Curious Advantage -- Paul Ashcroft (co-founder, Ludic Group), Simon Brown (CLO, Novartis), and Garrick Jones (co-founder, Ludic Group) --  are now offering three powerful courses to teach leaders, teams, and organizations everything they need to know to unleash their curiosity and thrive in an evolving digital landscape.
The Curious Advantage. An image of a team talking to their leader.

1. The Curious Leader

A set of powerful tools designed to develop curiosity among leaders and enable their organizations to thrive in the digital age.
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2. Curious Talent

Shift your organization towards its goals and inspire a culture of curiosity.
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The Curious Advantage. An image of an organization's talent discussing ideas.
The Curious Advantage - Curious Technology course. An image of a man sipping coffee while working on his phone.

3. Curious Technology

Understand the practical application of how to combine learning, technology, engagement, and feedback to create a curious environment. Set your organization up for success.
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Who is the Curious Advantage Learning for?
These courses are designed for leaders, learning professionals, organizations, and teams who are looking to develop the key soft skills for thriving in an increasingly evolving and disrupted digital landscape surviving and thriving during times of disruption.

The Curious Advantage Learning is perfect for anyone keen to unleash their own curiosity and unlock the value of a digital organization.
The Curious Advantage. An image of an organizational leader addressing her team in a presentation.
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